Quick Fix to An Odd Issue that Cut Off Top Portion of Adobe or Edge Browser


One user called me a few weeks ago and complained about the top portion of the screen on one of his monitors. I couldn’t figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it other than restarting the computer. Everything just went back to normal once the computer started.

Life went on until I heard there were more users having the same problem over the past few weeks. Most of the time, out of nowhere, a portion of the top screen was just being cut off and became inaccessible, no matter what program you were trying to use.

Restarting the computer was always able to fix it, most of the time, for good. However, it’s not ideal, as sometimes restarting the computer takes time.

So, since the issue looks a lot like a video rendering glitch, maybe restarting the video drive would fix it?

And speaking of restarting the video driver, there is a quick way of doing so without restarting the computer.

Press Win + Ctrl + Shift + B, and you will see the screen goes black, followed by a quick beep, and then everything comes back to normal right after that.

If you want to know more about it, here is the Windows Tip we explained in detail before.



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