How To Open File Explorer to A Specific Location in Windows 10


The default opening location in File Explorer in Windows 10 is something called Quick Access, a new feature that gathers all frequently used folders and files in a single place for easy access.

File Explorer - Quick Access

But what if I don’t like the idea of Quick Access? What about This PC?

Go to FileChange folder and search options,

File Explorer - File menu

Then change Open File Explorer to option to This PC.

File Explorer - Folder Options

Now, every time you open File Explore, This PC becomes the default location you see.

But what if This PC is still not something I like to see every time I open File Explorer?

Here is a trick that you can use if that’s the case. For example, I want to see what’s in my OneDrive when I open File Explorer, here is what I can do.

Press Win + R, and enter

File Explorer opens up with my OneDrive files listed right in front of me.

If I really do this often enough, I can create a shortcut on the desktop with the same command.

Shortcut to Explorer

You can also use environment variables to quickly open folders in File Explorer. For example, I can use

to open current user profile folder when opening File Explorer, or

to open temporary files folder, or

to open the hidden Application Data folder.

And that should do it.



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