How To Open File Explorer to A Specific Location in Windows 10


The default opening location in File Explorer in Windows 10 is something called Quick Access, a new feature that gathers all frequently used folders and files in a single place for easy access.

File Explorer - Quick Access

But what if I don’t like the idea of Quick Access? What about This PC?

Go to FileChange folder and search options,

File Explorer - File menu

Then change Open File Explorer to option to This PC.

File Explorer - Folder Options

Now, every time you open File Explore, This PC becomes the default location you see.

But what if This PC is still not something I like to see every time I open File Explorer?

Here is a trick that you can use if that’s the case. For example, I want to see what’s in my OneDrive when I open File Explorer, here is what I can do.

Press Win + R, and enter

explorer c:\users\info\OneDrive

File Explorer opens up with my OneDrive files listed right in front of me.

If I really do this often enough, I can create a shortcut on the desktop with the same command.

Shortcut to Explorer

You can also use environment variables to quickly open folders in File Explorer. For example, I can use

Explorer %userprofile%

to open current user profile folder when opening File Explorer, or

Explorer %temp%

to open temporary files folder, or

Explorer %appdata%

to open the hidden Application Data folder.

And that should do it.



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